>Do Steaks Go With That Knife?

>People always say they’d do this if someone ever hurt their loved ones, but wow, this guy really turned his words into actions:

A lawyer climbed through a neighbor’s bedroom window and stabbed him to death after being told by a family member that the man had molested his 2-year-old daughter, authorities say.

Barry James, 58, was stabbed in the chest nearly a dozen times Monday. The lawyer, Jonathon Edington, 29, was charged with murder and burglary and was released on $1 million bail Wednesday.

Capt. Gary MacNamara said that police had not received a complaint about the child being assaulted before the killing, and “we have no indication it’s true or not true.”

Edington’s attorney, Michael Sherman, said the information came from Edington’s wife. “The daughter gave the mother information which was alarming and disturbing. The mom relayed it to her husband. That was the spark,” Sherman said.

Dang. This was so Mystic River.

Fathers protecting their daughters. I’m sure my dad would have done the same thing (sans the stabbing; he probably would have skinned the guy alive).

AP: Lawyer charged with murdering neighbor

4 thoughts on “>Do Steaks Go With That Knife?

  1. >Wow! Its the same feeling I felt when Samuel L Jackson did the do, in "A Time to Kill"Homie had to get dealt with, and I can't be mad at that! Lemme catch you in your sleep its going down. (Doin the little motorcycle dance)


  2. >my only question about this murder is "how was it determined that a TWO YEAR OLD, told MAMA that THE NEIGHBOR, SEXUALLY MOLESTED HER????……..sounds like MAMA made up a lie. TO GET PAYBACK AT THE NEIGHBOR ON SOME PAST DUE SHIT.or just plain overreacted, misinterpeted her daughter…if that was the case.it would be different if there was evidence, but where's the evidence? or is there any evidence? if THE NEIGHBOR was babysitting THE BABY and had to change DIAPERS, yes people some still wear diapers at 24+ months, and THE NEIGHBOR had to change the DIAPERS, could the baby determine…AT TWO YEARS OLD…the difference between cleaning a shitty baby and sexual molestation?it just doesn't add up to me….yes, people, i have a daughter….and i changed many diapers, baths during my daughter toddler years.think about it for a second…BUT, if it was determined and/or caught with the evidence, hang him right beside BUSH at the nearest oak tree.pic-nic anyone?


  3. >been reading more and more links on this murder….ask yourself this question?…how did THIS man, which is now learned that he has had alcoholic problems, get close to THIS TWO YEAR OLD? where was the MAMA? KEEP IN MIND PEOPLE…A TWO YEAR OLD where did this molestation occur?…..unless there's some DNA spread around like O.J., it's going to be interesting to see how this will play out.


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