>The Fried Chicken Struggle Continues…

>OMG. Have y’all seen the pixie sketches from the Lost Episodes (read, the uncompleted third season) of Chappelle’s Show?

Them shits are a RIOT. There’s a black pixie, a Hispanic pixie, an Asian pixie, and a white pixie (equal opportunity pixies, y’all). My favorite is the black pixie during the fried chicken incident. The sketch is called In-Flight Meal. This is the one that made Chappelle feel that perhaps he’d gone too far and was helping to reinforce negative black stereotypes. I’m assuming that means this was also the one he was referring to where he said a white guy on set was laughing a little. too. hard at what he was witnessing.

Here are all the racial pixie sketches, back-to-back, starting with that infamous black pixie sketch. I’m sorry, but I think this thing is funny as hale. Maybe that white guy was just lauging because this was making him break the hell up. I howl every time I watch it. Decide for yourself. (Careful. Some language is definitely NSFW – Not Suitable For Work.)

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

And here’s the audience discussion that took place after the airing of that fried chicken pixie episode. Charlie Murphy and Donnell Rawlings now host the show and introduce the sketches since Dave is no longer on the show. This was some pretty good audience feedback.

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

4 thoughts on “>The Fried Chicken Struggle Continues…

  1. >Okay, so here's the thing. Ever since Dave came for Sherman (Eddie Murphy) in that scene in The Nutty Professor I ain't been down with his narrow ass. Yes, I know it was only a movie but us big boys have to stick up for one another.That said, I've probably only seen one or two episodes of his first season but this skit(s) was funny. He performed recently in DC to a sold out audience (tickets sodl out in like 30 minutes or something) and it was his birthday weekend. He even brought his two sons on stage afterwards which made me look at him in a different light.I have to give credit where credit is do. The N is crazy but his intelligent as hell.


  2. >uuuhhhh weee, did I just hear the magic words. Chicken!I'm sorry were all out of fish – Back in the game baby!Fried Chicken, I need some music for this…Look at all that meat, it's superfluousThis is some funny spit. He should have done the whole season.Breaking out with "The Reflex" was hilarious.Juan, don't sleep on this cat, he is one of the funniest dudes in the comedy game. Do yourself a favor and run down to Blockbuster and check out some of his stand-up. The dude is off the chain.Now I have to look at the second clip.


  3. >I really enjoyed the audience participation on this too. That was a great extra to have. Anybody remember that "Black, White Racist"? That has to be one of the funniest, most controversial sketch I've seen him do. Dude needs to do his show again. Hey Dave, if you are out there, go get your money and do the freakin' show, you are brilliant!


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