>See B. Rock!!!

>People can kick stank all they want about Beyonce’s upcoming new album, B’Day, but I’m loving the hell out of the direction she’s gone in.

Her performance at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards was my favorite (Shakira’s was my second favorite; you can see it here; Justin Timberlake tore it up, too). I love how loud and noisy “Ring The Alarm” is. Say what you want, this damn song is a true “leave my man the fuck alone!!!” anthem if there ever was one. She threw in some Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation-esque moves with her dancers towards the middle of the song, but then took it to another, more gangsta level.

Do the damn thang, B.

I’m copping B’Day as soon as it hits the streets next week, and I’ll definitely have my butt in the theater for the release of Dreamgirls this coming Christmas.

It’s been getting rave advance reviews for the entire cast, so I can’t wait.

In the meantime, here’s the video of her performance last night at the VMAs. Enjoy!!!

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

5 thoughts on “>See B. Rock!!!

  1. >Last nights VMA ~ sucked!!!!!!!What the hell was 50 Pennies thinking???? Detroit IS IN MICHIGAN!! YOU DUMB F*&(LL just looked at him like he was stupid, which he demonstrates perfectly. I can't wait for Dreamgirls, but Im looking for Jennifer Hudson playing Effie to tear the screen up. I heard her cut on myspace.com, and she sounds beautiful. If Im broke Im still going to cop that CD.


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