>This Should Be One Of The Challenges On "Fear Factor."

>I saw this over on the blog Concrete Loop yesterday and couldn’t stop laughing, so I had to share it with you guys here.

First off, who on earth would willingly dance (or do anything remotely interactive) with Suge Knight?

Huh? I mean the danger factor shoots up exponentially the second he comes into the room. What? I’m just sayin’.

Well, apparently someone chose to willingly dance with him, and oh, what a love dance it is!!! Check out this video of Suge and some insane brave girl dancing at the club.* This is one for the books.

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

*It’s a wonder that cigar in his hand doesn’t set ol’ girl’s hair on fire. Maybe it’s not even lit. Still…I’m just sayin’.

13 thoughts on “>This Should Be One Of The Challenges On "Fear Factor."

  1. >I love choking ho's (no disrespect intended for you lovely lo-zoners) should have been the title of that clip.Was dude practicing a beat down he was thinking of doing or what! Choke and Pull (done to the beat of Kick Push), it's the new release from Death Row Records.


  2. >kinda ironic that it was 2pac rappin' in the background, considering suge was with 2pac when he was gunned down. actually,(to me) it didn't look like he was "manhandling" or "choking" her but they both were going with the flow of the music.now if her eyes would have start to bug out….somebody call the morgue, too late for 9-1-1.


  3. >Okay this chic was high and so was he. Are you serious about the Choke and PullNote to Self: Never dance with Rich.Lance, 'member what I said about the vanilla candles and the ove 6' fella???…thats a good time for ruff 'n stuff, any other time after that is suspect.Where's Juan the Baller?


  4. >damn rich, it's like that at the crib????….gotta switch it up sometimes…listen to the song "waterfalls" by ludacris. and you'll know what i mean.sheletha, you feel me?


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