I Can’t Help Myself.

After my posts yesterday about the music I was listening to over the holiday weekend, a couple of you mentioned Lonnie Liston Smith, whose music I enjoy immensely.

Lonnie Liston Smith

Well, I couldn’t resist sharing my favorite song by him. It’s a tune called “The Love I See In Your Eyes,” from his 1979 album, Dreams Of Tomorrow.

LLS - Dreams Of Tomorrow

The song still gets a decent amount of play on jazz stations around the country, so maybe some of you’ve heard it before. It’s a lovely, lovely piano tune that puts you in a real smooth state of mind.

Okay, since we’re doing piano tunes (what, you twisted my arm), here’s my favorite song by pianist/keyboardist/composer extraordinaire Dave Grusin.

It’s called “In The Middle Of The Night,” and it’s from his album Migration that came out in 1989.

I can’t tell y’all how much I love this song. I’ve written many, many things while listening to this because it puts me in such a chill, creative state.

Lastly (I know, I know, but these songs are sooooo everything), there’s my favorite instrumental cut from the jazz group Pieces Of A Dream’s album, We Are One (circa 1982)…

…produced by the late saxophone great, Grover Washington, Jr.

The song is called “For Ramsey,” and I can only assume it was a tribute to the superb jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis.

Again, this is just gorgeous music. It’ll make you feel so mellow and take the edge off of whatever might be trying to ruin your day.

I love pianos. Okay, I’m done.*

*crawling back inside my musical hole now*

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9 thoughts on “I Can’t Help Myself.

  1. >My budget just has been blown. I am heading to Tower after to work to rebuild as much of my collection as possible.Lo, I appreciate it but can you give us a break tomorrow — I can't afford to listen no more.


  2. >Juan, you hit the nail on the head. I've spent more money since landing on the Lo Zone than I have in quite some time. Fortunately, none of it has been wasted since I've thoroughly enjoyed every recommendation. Speaking of recommendations, if you all have not read Victoria Christopher Murray's latest novel, A Sin and A Shame, you are missing a good one. It's quite the page turner. I work like all the time and I couldn't put it down.Lo, I'm loving the music! That piece from yesterday, Romantic Warrior is still the jam. I'm making a Lo Zone Jazz Mix as I type. This LLS is sho' nuff smooth.


  3. >R. Sander, I almost put up a fourth song, a piece by Bob James from his Grand Piano Canyon cd called "Just Listen." I love his music too and it would have gone perfectly with the three pieces I put up. But I chickened out for fear that I was overloading y'all.But since when have I ever been afraid of music? (Click the link below to listen to the song)Just Listen(How pathetic. I've now resorted to bombarding y'all with music in the Comments section.)


  4. >Thanks for the grooves. I really like Bob James. I first got introduced to him with his Obsession album followed by Double Vision (really a treat). Most folks have likely heard one of his tunes from the Double Vision album. It makes the rotation on Jazz Stations quite frequently.


  5. >Double Vision was smokin', R. Sander. Him and David Sanborn tore it up with that album. That thing was an instant classic the moment it hit the airwives.


  6. >LO, This is what Im thinking: Take the LoZone on Satellite Radio play all these jams as well as all the Jay-Z your hearts desire as well some literary musings that are on your mind, or topics of the day. Play between 2pm-4pm while I'm (okay damn, "we're")at work.Remember, if this idea takes off and there is some coins involved remember Sheletha told ya!(ran out the room)


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