>The African American Literary Awards Show!!!

>The 2006 Annual African American Literary Awards Show (AALAS) will be held this month, on Wednesday, September 27th, at the Alhambra Ballroom in Harlem (NYC), and is sure to be a real extravaganza for readers and writers alike.
Hosted by film and television star and author Hill Harper

…these awards are based on the votes of you, the people, (the nomination and voting process took place online and officially closed yesterday—yours truly, widdle ol’ me, was nominated in two categories).

The inimitable, wonderfully gregarious, prolific Walter Mosley will also be in attendance…

…receiving the Sojourner Truth Award for Excellence in American Literature.

This is a literary dream for fans of the written word and definitely worth attending, whether you’re already in the New York area or fly or drive in for the event. It will be chockful of some of your favorite writers and power players in the publishing industry.

For more information about the award show…

And get your booty there if you can. A star-studded event like this has magic written all over it!!!

The African American Literary Awards Show

9 thoughts on “>The African American Literary Awards Show!!!

  1. >Lo, I wish I had known about the actualy ceremony earlier. But mid-week travel to the City is a bit crazy for me.I am going to keep this as positive as possible, but $55 gets you admission and dinner — what a bargain.I'll be curious to see who wins — you certainly got my vote.


  2. >there's no excuse for me NOT to be there…especially since i live and adore this "playground of power" we call NEW YORK CITY.i'll be there, if LO is gonna be there. if you AIN'T gonna be there, speak now or forever hold yo' peace…..LOL!$55 bucks is a lotta lottery ticket money!!!!…. 😉


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