>Ya Think?


The president declined to disclose the location or details of the detainees’ confinement, or the interrogation techniques.

“I cannot describe the specific methods used — I think you understand why,” Bush said in the East Room where families of some of those who died in the Sept. 11 attacks gathered to hear his speech.

“If I did, it would help the terrorists learn how to resist questioning, and to keep information from us that we need to prevent new attacks on our country. But I can say the procedures were tough, and they were safe, and lawful and necessary.”

Bush insisted that the detainees were not tortured.

Of course, they used similar rhetoric whenever the subject of “black sites” (secret prisons) used to come up.


One thought on “>Ya Think?

  1. >ahhhh, shit….here we go. dickwad is using 9/11 again to push policies, not thinking that he's challenging & awakening the terrorist sleeper cell sites throughout this country. y'all best better hang on to sumpthin' in the next few days….the shit's 'bout to hit the fan!then what Gee-Dubya?


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