>Everything Is On The Internet, Part 1.

>I swear, everything really is on the internet, including stuff you don’t even know is out there. My dear friend Bubby Eric Jerome Dickey

…recently discovered that HE was on YouTube. (That damn YouTube. I’ll bet my mama’s got some footage out there.)

Anyway, check it out. It’s both sweet and scary. Sweet that it’s such a lovely moment. Scary that it was quietly being taped and is now in cyberspace.*

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

*Here’s hoping my porn tapes don’t get out.

**Just kidding. They’re already out.

***What, you haven’t seen them?

6 thoughts on “>Everything Is On The Internet, Part 1.

  1. >For a minute I thought ole boy was proposing to Eric. Hey it's early in the morning, what can I say.Yeah, it almost makes you want to pull a Jackie O all the time, you never know when a camera is rolling.Lo, last I checked there was 2 days, 3 hours and 22 minutes left to bid on your sex tapes on e-bay.


  2. >Dear Lo,Yeah that You Tube is something special. I bet you did a search on your name, just to make sure. But not to worry. I still have the master to that tape we made back in the day.Wire me the money I requested and no one will be none the wiser or you will be a best selling author in a new category. Yours Truly"Deranged Ex-Boyfriend Who Still Loves You" Juan, the copy on e-bay is Lo's Bytch Lo (Lola), getting her groove on. It's called "That Bytch Gotta Have It"


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