>Goodbye Diddy, Hello, "What’s his name??"

>It seems that Puff Daddy, Puffy, P. Diddy, Diddy, or whatever his name is these days will be changing his name again for his UK appearances.

Apparently, UK producer Richard Dearborn has the rights to the name Diddy in the UK. I guess Mr. Combs was so used to stealing songs that stealing a name was no big deal.*

*Just kidding, we know the real reason for the name Diddy was because Biggie used to call you by that moniker.

One thought on “>Goodbye Diddy, Hello, "What’s his name??"

  1. >as bugs bunny once said…"of course you know, this means war"the rich, BLACK diddy will probably go after WORLDWIDE copyright everywhere, except the UK, so the WHITE diddy can go no further than his london flat as a unknown, while BLACK diddy will reign supreme.money talks…


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