>The Main Reason I Can’t Stand Cellphones.

>I live in a city where people won’t shut the f*ck up for talking on them.

Cellphones have created an entire culture of co-dependent people who can’t even go to the bathroom without needing to talk to someone while they’re passing the time (and whatever else). It’s too much damn chatter.

Stop. Take a breath. Smell a flower.

Oy vey!!!

4 thoughts on “>The Main Reason I Can’t Stand Cellphones.

  1. >My favorite are those who try to parallel park while talking on the phone. But again, Madison avenue has done a great job in convincing us that EVERYONE needs a cell phone. They are now entertainment centers.Boy, do I long for the good ole days.


  2. >Cell phones are totally out of control now. I'm noticing more "near auto accidents" because someone isn't paying as much attention as they should because they are yacking away on the phone. A lady almost hit me last week, chattering away. I blew the horn several times and she still didn't even budge. Just rolled on into my lane like I wasn't there.


  3. >The previous topic of cellphones up cellmates' bungholes is beginning to look like a good idea.I was recently asked at work if I wanted a Windows Mobile Phone. I told my boss, "I'm trying to be in less communication, not more…" I respectfully declined. I wish a day would come when I could rid myself even of the cell phone I must carry. I miss the good ol' days, too.


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