>Oh, Brother.

>Remember smarmy grown-ass man that I posted about last week? The one who, along with twenty other boys, sexually assaulted an 11-year-old?

Well, it turns out he has an explanation:

40-year-old accused of sex with 11-year-old says she looked older

Oh. Okay. Now it suddenly all makes sense.*

*I hope they tear this guy three new ones as soon as he hits GenPop.

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3 thoughts on “>Oh, Brother.

  1. >For the record, I have no love, grace, or mercy for dudes who abuse kids like this. This dude will soon know the meaning of the word "mangina".I don't know of ANY eleven year olds that look remotely close to legal age, this cat is going down, maybe 20 dudes will be lined up waiting on him. That's what I call the big payback. They are cuing up the music in cell block D for him now. I can hear Luke and the crew now, "Pop that coochie, hey pop that coochie, baby"


  2. >Come on Lance, bullets are far too humane for this kind of scum. I think injecting them with Ebola would be far more entertaining, especially to the girl's parents.


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