>When Are Stars Going To Learn…

>…to stop popping shit about what they will and won’t ever do again?

This one obviously thinks her future is reallllllly secure.

Eva Longoria says she’s done with television after “Desperate Housewives” ends. The 31-year-old actress said she loves the medium of television and the routine it provides, but that “Housewives” will be her last series.

“I would never leave ‘Desperate Housewives,'” Longoria told The Associated Press. “I love doing both (TV and film), but I would never do another TV show after `Desperate Housewives.’ No.”

Hmph. Perhaps she needs to have a talk with David Caruso.

I’m sure he’d have some suggestions on how to season crow once you find yourself eating it.

AP: Longoria says ‘Housewives’ her last show

7 thoughts on “>When Are Stars Going To Learn…

  1. >yeah, it does sounds like she has a "big head" about the biz. hell, i never heard of her til "desperate housewives" and now it's game over????she musta made a lotta loot over the past three years to just "give it up".but, with a NBA star player boyfriend/fiancee, tony parker and no kids, maybe she just wants to settle down, have a family and be a desperate housewife on the real.


  2. >She must want some attention. A few years from now she'll be hoping for another shot, any shot. So, she better cash them checks and be grateful she made it. Her future looks bright now, but Hollywood is oh so fickle, she might not be so lucky in the future.


  3. >She'll be back. I think TV is outgrowing the movie biz by leaps and bounds. Are people lazier nowadays? I think the fact that James Woods is now on a tv show, that pretty much says it all. Didn't Conan make a joke at the Emmys? "A lot of movie actors are making their way to the small screen these days: Charlie Sheen's got a show on ABC, James Woods is now on CBS and Mel Gibson has a new show on Al-Jazeera."Conan kills me.


  4. >good point matt…case in point, jennifer anniston.the star of "friends" is makin' "beau-coup" $$$$ after that show's demise, but her hollywood movie career is going down in flames. i mean, $1M per t.v. episode ain't nuffin' to sneeze at!


  5. >the research side of me sez…"go to imdb.com and do sum research on eva longoria, see what's she's done in the past to make her wanna "quit" t.v."the research shows nuffin' worth havin' mama to pick up the remote to watch her in anything else.definitely looking for attention, to me, she was in the right place at the right time…not to stereotype or type cast, jennifer lopez was cooling down with family life, marriage, career changes, meanwhile eva comes in as the "new hot tamale"…feel me? before you know it, they'll (hollywood execs) will find someone hotter and sexier than eva and then "whammo"….she's gonna be begging to wanna do "something" to stay in the limelight.


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