>Mmmm-Mmmm Hilarious!!!

>I love how folks are really getting into the whole YouTube scene. It’s such a great site on the web with something for everybody.

This clip came compliments of regular Lo Zone reader Moya*, who insisted I check out this Chicken Noodle Soup dance craze that’s sweeping the country. There are apparently quite a few clips on YouTube of people getting their Chicken Noodle Soup on. The one Moya sent me is of two older chaps having a crack at it. This stuff is pure comedy. Enjoy!!!

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

*Thanks, Moya!!!

5 thoughts on “>Mmmm-Mmmm Hilarious!!!

  1. >laff if ya wanna, but you betta hope that if you're even blessed to reach those gentlemen ages that you can even move around as such.go 'head on pops!!!! shake a leg!!!!


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