>A Breath Of Fresh Judicial Air.


No offense to Judge Mablean Ephriam

…the former star of that epitome of failed relationship shows, Divorce Court, but the new host, Judge Lynn Toler

…is downright fantastic. She’s funny, sympathetic, empathetic, ironic, incredibly fair to both parties, and has a knack for saying out loud THE EXACT THING you are thinking when you are watching the fools whose divorces she’s presiding over.

I love this woman. She’s phenomenal. In a sea of court-based reality shows, she shines like the freakin’ Hope Diamond. I’ve started watching Divorce Court again just because of her.

Train wreck television at its best.

Divorce Court.com: Official Site for Divorce Court

8 thoughts on “>A Breath Of Fresh Judicial Air.

  1. >I know it's cause I'm a cracka', but I love my Judge Judy. She doesn't hold back and the very few times she tries to give some emotional, or good, advice, it seems warranted.Hey, she signed a 100 million dollar deal for a 5 year contract, she must be doing something right.


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