>How Not To Parent.


Police arrested 43-year-old Eneida Resto and charged her with child endangerment. She’s behind bars on $25,000 bail. Her 5-year-old foster son had to have 12 teeth pulled, including all his molars after complaining of pains and headaches for a year. The child’s dentist called police. He says 2-3 years of neglect led to the rotten teeth. And that if no action had been taken, the child would have been hospitalized for up to 6 months from abscesses. The boy has eight teeth remaining but without the molars has trouble chewing.

12 teeth pulled? That’s a dang-gone shame. That poor kid. I wonder what his foster mother’s mouth looked like.

*That’s not a picture of the kid’s actual mouth. I pulled that photo from the ‘net for dramatic effect. Still…

6abc.com: Mom Jailed for Son’s Bad Teeth

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