Kingdom Coming.

I’m a happy girl. Yesterday the news hit that he’s coming back. Officially. I mean, it’s not like he was ever really gone…really.

Jay-Z, who declared that 2003’s “The Black Album” would be his last, is coming out retirement and releasing a new CD.

“Kingdom Come” will hit stores this fall, Entertainment Weekly magazine reports in its new issue, due on newsstands Monday.

“It was the worst retirement in history,” Jay told the magazine.

I, for one, am glad his retirement was a monumental failure. Why? Because…

I. Love. Me. Some. Jigga-Man.

For real.

In honor of the return of The Great One (my term), since he’s giving us a real life encore, let’s get an encore of him performing one of my favorite songs—the Kanye West-produced celebratory joint (“thank you, thank you, thank you, you’re far too kind…uh!!!“)—Encore. Enjoy!!! Jay-Z Emerging From His Rap Retirement
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One thought on “Kingdom Coming.

  1. >well, kinda knew it was gonna happen…too much street talk of jay-z getting soft and lost his game for the mic, hit the brother at a "supposedly" low. especially after he signed nas (once were "m.c." enemies) up with def jam, on the street, the word was jay-z had turned into a pussy. only to know that to those "ignorant pundits on the street", jay-z became more of a "publicly-seen" bizness man, entrepreneur, so the mic, jewelry, and sneaks "had" to rest…but now, the biz slate is straight..the cape is hangin' in the rafters…and guess who's bringing it down?damn, the next album should debut at sho!


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