>Play On, Playette.


Will this

Be able to compete with this?

The Zune sure is purty, and offers more flexibility with its wireless sharing features, but damn if I ain’t psychologically whooped by my iPod. I wouldn’t know how to break up with it if I wanted to. Still, this should be an interesting battle. Definitely worth watching how it all plays out.

BetaNews: Microsoft Officially Unveils Zune

4 thoughts on “>Play On, Playette.

  1. >I just ordered the new 80 Gig Black iPod from Amazon. I got 740 albums on my 60 Gig Pod and that is using 192 kbps sampling in AAC. I should be able to get 1,000 albums on the new 80 Gig model! Lolita, you created an iPod junkiie. It goes everywhere with me! I'm playing it right now in my room at the Bacara Resort with the JBL On Stage mini speaker – it has the BEST base response of any of these mini speakers! Anyway, the iPod is NOT Lotus 123, and Microsoft is out of their league!


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