>Beanbags: They’re Not Just For Chillin’ Anymore.


When a man carrying a knife lunged toward six police officers inside a Wonder Lake home over the weekend, two beanbags fired from a shotgun failed to stop the charge, but a third bag penetrated his head and left him fighting for his life Monday, authorities said.

Illinois State Police are investigating whether the McHenry County sheriff’s deputy who fired the silver-dollar-size beanbags Saturday did so with intent to kill the man, identified as David Maxson, 43.


The injury to Maxson caused dangerous brain swelling, said Anthony Redici, 33, whose mother is engaged to Maxson and who lives with the couple in the 4800 block of West Wonder Lake Drive, where the incident happened.

“David has severe depression, and police have been out here twice and they’re aware of his suicidal tendencies,” Redici said. “There should be police training that enables officers to calm down a person like David rather than resort to violence.”

Beanbags and balls of pepper? Why don’t they just shoot kittens at people and be done with it.

A few slashes to the face from airborne kitty paws might set a few folks straight.

Chicago Tribune.com: Man critical from beanbag weapon

12 thoughts on “>Beanbags: They’re Not Just For Chillin’ Anymore.

  1. >ok fa'real I had to go look…first pic–in the back on the left with the printed shirt. that was my last day in michigan and we had a bookclub meeting with some damn good food.second pic- smack dab in the center directly behind JD MASON…Yeah my bookclub is the sh*t!third pic- to the right of EJD. His hand is slllloooowly creeping over my shoulder (haahahahahaha, my bad. I love me some him)We be posin!!!!


  2. >Hey Sheletha – First I hope you read this. – Second – If you are the sister nestled into EJD (his chin is on your head ???) then you are right you are a nice looking lady (I see anonymous thinks so too) – I hope the brothers in your part of the country recognize and act accordingly. Have a good one.


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