>In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream…


…but apparently, they can smell you fart.

Astronauts on the International Space Station put on protective clothing after reporting a foul-smelling vapor on Monday, but the three crew members were not in danger, NASA said.

Initial reports of smoke on the space station proved false and the situation was now stable, said NASA spokesman Kelly Humphries in Houston.

“The crew was asked to put on some protective gear,” Humphries told CNN.

He said the alarm was set off by “an odor that was not normal.”

NewsFlash: It’s called an S.B.D. and one of these three astronauts did it. I’m guessing his stomach didn’t take too well to all that Tang.

That’s what I think.

Reuters: Space station alert after foul smell; no danger seen

10 thoughts on “>In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream…

  1. >"Houston, we have a problem…" Spock "Captain, this is not logical…" Kirk "I'm sorry Spock. Whoever smelt it, dealt it." Bones "He's….dead Jim…"


  2. >you know what…until two people can have sex and bust a nut in space, this is just a waste of time & money!!!!they haven't cured any diseases in space, right? or used space travel to keep you healthy or live longer, right?….so, what's the damn point?


  3. >Man's greatest adventures: Finding new ways to get your groove on. (Lance you are wise beyond your years)I guess it's true, it all boils down to sex and money, give me one or both, but don't take either away from me.


  4. >but ya gotta admit, it would be taking "the mile high club" to another levelheyyyyy…now that would be a first!THE FIRST COUPLE TO HAVE SEX IN SPACE!!!! (unless it's been dun and hoostun ain't tellin' us)and trust me, you won't need two monkeys for this one!


  5. >See what happens when Lo and I are not in the room???? As nassy as you wanna be..Sex in Space??? come on now?? Quit letting Ford build the space shuttles with pieces falling out you might have someone willing to go there…namely Rich and his Right hand.Im sorry.


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