11 thoughts on “>Why, Part 1.

  1. >Forget what he looks like, that new jam of his is on and poppin!I love it when an old school artists comes out of hiding and shows these young cats how it's done, no sampling, no re-makes, just straight creativity.


  2. >it's funny lo, your bloggin' lionel richie today, because at work last night, i was listening to lionel on the radio and i was like…"wouldn't it be cool if lionel would go back to the commodores?" think of the tour, the past hits with the group and his own solo hits.it would probably be the best of all retro shows.i know rich hasn't tuned in on ne-yo's music yet, but for all of y'all who has heard ne-yo's hits…doesn't the new lionel richie's song,"i call it love" sound a little "ne-yo esqued"? like ne-yo hooked it up?


  3. >Lance, Lionel's new song sounds a whole lot like Ne-Yo's "So Sick." I noticed that the first time I heard it and notice it every time I hear it. I'm wondering if it's the same producers, because it sounds too similar. Sometimes, just for shits and giggles, I sing the "So Sick" chorus when Lionel's singing his chorus and they blend together perfectly.Sheletha, Ne-Yo's got a face only a booger could love. There's a reason why he's almost always rocking sunglasses. Wasn't he wearing them in those pics of him getting brains that got loose on the net? (Yeah, I know he probably let those pics get out on purpose. And yeah, I saw 'em.)


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