>Angelina’s Mojo Has Far-Reaching Powers.


[Brad] Pitt is being seriously considered to take the place of his “Interview with the Vampire” co-star, Tom Cruise, in the next installment of “Missison Impossible.”

The studio is reportedly willing to pay the actor $40 million, which, if he accepts, would make him the highest-paid actor in Hollywood history.

Dang. First Brad wanted a baby and she gave him one (actually, she gave him three). Now he’s getting the career offer of a lifetime. I wonder if Angie’s really some sort of witch/genie (wenie?)…

…and he’s got a set number of wishes that she’s going to grant him.

Wonder what he wants next. Wonder what he has to rub to get it.

andPOP: Brad Pitt to Star in Mission: Impossible 4?

23 thoughts on “>Angelina’s Mojo Has Far-Reaching Powers.

  1. >I'm not into white chicks (love me some sista's!!), but I'd be for Angelina (just a short trip, mind you). Ever since I saw her in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, I thought she was a pretty hot looking chick. The DSL's she's walking around with don't hurt the cause either.


  2. >GOD is a GOOD GOD! " He that findeth good pussy findeth a good thing!" Now that's scripture..Um..I think. Now if I could only find the scripture that says it's ok to share ones good fortune, and woman, with another man. Can any of the LO ZONE saints be of service? God bless you and your offspring.


  3. >Actually it says, he that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing, but I guess you knew that sense you are the Comedic Prophet. I guess the "good thing" the Lord was speaking of was "poontang"! I never thought of it that way. Boy am I glad I got some good pussy or I would be mad as hell. I know, I know, the blasphemy of it all!Matt, bring on Bobby Bucher's mom.


  4. >Y'all are a mess!! Turn my back for one minute and y'all run buckwild. Good pussy and DSLs. The fact that no one even asked what DSL's are speaks volumes about you people, LOL.


  5. >Actually, in Deuteronomy, the Lord sayeth that if you find out (upon your wedding night) that your wife is not a virgin, you should stone her upon her father's doorstep.That's why the Lord and I just don't get on too well…Finding a good wife is not a problem. Finding a great divorce lawyer is. 🙂


  6. >ASK AND YOU SHAll RECIEVE!GOD so LOVED the DSL's that he gave his only son so we might experience it..um ..I'm sorry..THEM.. out of wedlock and be…um.. SAFE.I'm just the messenger.My God loves me this I know. blessed be the loins of your parents.


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