7 thoughts on “>My Metabolism Sucks, Part 1.

  1. >Yeah, Lance. Their fries are the bomb. They make them fresh from whole potatoes right there on the spot everyday, usually right when you order. I love In 'n' Out. Woe to those people who've never had one of their burgers. It's one of the best burgers ever.Dang, Lance.Now I want a burger, too.


  2. >since i can't live in LA area now…i have to live vicariously through you babycakes…speakin' of low-tech…remember that mixtape i made for you once? recording mix radio shows from hot97?…damn, so ol' school…hahahaha


  3. >I remember that mixtape, Lance. I've got it in my collection of music. I've always been very hi-tech, so when that mixtape arrived from you in the mail, (when was that, about three-four years ago?), I thought that was the quaintest thing ever. I was already three or so years deep into burning cds back then, so getting an actual cassette taped from the radio was downright charming.


  4. >i'm just slow on some things….on the hi-tech end. you should see my cellphone. it looks like it's been to iraq and back! time to get a new phone y'all! now, they got this new "matrix"-like phone, with the phone-number pad pops out from the bottom, just like the one in the movie "the matrix". now, i might get that one since i love "the matrix" movie. no picture camera, no mp3 downloads, no video games or any of that other stuff on it…just the basics, ma'am.hell, i don't even have a vcr/dvd(r) or tivo…….although i'm regretting it some now that sanaa lathan (b'day yesterday, too bad…a couple of day later she coulda been a libra)is on nip/tuck and i'm usually slavin' at pepsi when the show's on. i'm hearing she's the new "bitch"..er, uhhh, vixen on the show.


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