Can You Hear Me Squealing Where You Are?????

Because I’m squealing. Loud. I’m talking stuck-pig loud. And there’s only one thing that can make me squeal like a stuck pig…


It took long enough for them to come to L.A. I always had to get my H&M on in New York and San Fran.

The first of three new stores that will open in the L.A. area this fall opened today. Y’all don’t understand. I’m going out my rabbit-ass mind over this. And the best part? I’ll be within striking distance of all of them.

Soooooooooooo happy.

H&M website

6 thoughts on “Can You Hear Me Squealing Where You Are?????

  1. >Squealing and H&M. Boy am I glad that you didn't say S&M. I'd definitely know the end of the Lo Zone was near. Seriously, I'll have to check them out. I've been trying to find some places to spend a few dollars. I like shopping off the beaten path.


  2. >h&m has some good quality clothing and at very good price$. don't be surprised lo, if century 21 (that's a clothing store people) and daffy don't arrive on the west coast soon!


  3. >Wierd that you sent this. They actually just opened here in St. Louis too. I went to their site and noticed they had 3 locations here in St. Louis. I thought it was a fluke, so I called and low and behold they are here! I'm going to check them out this weekend!


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