>I Could Fry The Hell Outta These.


For the first time in years, large schools of giant sea bass are swimming right alongside divers at La Jolla Cove. One of those divers emailed us to say it’s a sight we shouldn’t miss.

Divers are always looking for that special moment underwater, the one they can savor. In the waters off La Jolla Cove, that moment has arrived. Giant sea bass started showing up about two weeks ago, but we’re not talking one or two.

“Every once in a while, you’ll see one out here off La Jolla, but nothing like this many fish – 15, 20 fish is unheard of together so tightly spaced,“ said diver Roger Bly.


The giant sea bass we saw today ranged between 75 and 125 pounds, with the biggest bass well over 150 pounds.

These magnificent fish are as gentle as they are big, and will allow an up close look.

What???? They’re that big and they’re silly enough to let you get close to them?

Aw hell naw. La Jolla’s a little under two hours away from L.A. I could be there and back by dinnertime.

I could fry one of these bad boys…

…whip up some hush puppies and a trough of grits and have enough grub for each and every Lo Zoner.

You know?


*Yeah, yeah, I know you’re not supposed to cook sea bass the way you would freshwater bass. I mean, you can, but sea bass is often pan-roasted, grilled, baked, or prepared some other uppity-ass way. But I’m from the south, and when someone says “bass,” I don’t think about sea vs. freshwater, I think skillet full-a grease and cornmeal.

News 8: Divers Thrilled By Huge School Of Giant Sea Bass

5 thoughts on “>I Could Fry The Hell Outta These.

  1. >I knew fish and grits had to be a southern thing because I love that combination. Here in St. Louis, they eat fish and spaghetti with pickles and onions on the fish. I don't know who brought them that recipe, but they do it all over St. Louis. So, you know I had to turn my midwest chef of a wife (she's not a chef per say, but a darn good cook) on to fish and grits. Add a little mustard and hot sauce on the fish (depending on the type of course) and that's some good eatin'! Yeeeee Hawwwww !!!!!!


  2. >My first time with some fish and grits was with a guy that i wanted to date so bad made me dinner. the dinner included fish and buttery grits with wine that he and his dad made and put into a milk jug.THE LOOK ON MY FACE WHEN HE SERVED ME I KNOW WAS PRICELESS CAUSE HE TALKED ABOUT ME BEING ONE OF THOSE UPPITY KNEEGROWS LO WAS TALKING ABOUT. I was so outdone by the food presentation that I was laughing sooo damn hard on the inside I know it reflected some way to this dude that was trying so hard to impress me. But get this, The food was delicious!!! (the wine another story) He had made threats that he wasnt going to cook for me ever again. But that threat didn't last too long. It didnt much time for be to beg for him to make his fish and grits…


  3. >I'm from Arkansas and never saw grits with fish but what we usually sided our fried catfish with was slaw and hush puppies. And lots o' Louisiana hot sauce, not that bullshit Tobasco. Our family had many a fish fry in my day…I remember grandpa drinking his Old Milwaukee with a touch of salt around the opening. For you youngins, beer and soda cans had tabs that actually had to be pulled off and, once removed, could actually slice an entire digit off your hand. I remember bringing my first black girlfriend down to a fish fry one weekend and the party went right on. I was so happy my family made her feel to home I thought I was gonna cry. Those were the days.


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