>In Other News, McDonald’s Has Burgers.


This week’s (arguably this year’s) least shocking headline:

“Yesterday, the devil came here … and it smells of sulfur still today,” said Chávez, whose international reputation has grown largely on the strength of his opposition to U.S. policy. Chávez said Bush was “talking as if he owned the world.”

Soon I’m not going to be able to travel anywhere outside of the U.S. because the entire world will hate us.

Just when I’ve started making all these plans to hop across the pond.

2 thoughts on “>In Other News, McDonald’s Has Burgers.

  1. >I think what Chavez said is revolting! The Devil is an incredibly competent, intellectual creature. Bush is a blithering boob. How dare he compare the two! Now if Chavez had said Bush is Gomer Pyle, he'd have something there.


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