>Adventures In Coonery Grillville.


I forgot to mention this yesterday.

Having won Oscars earlier this year, the members of rap group Three 6 Mafia are heading next to Emmy domain _ television.

MTV announced Wednesday that the rap group will star in a new reality comedy series called “Adventures in Hollyhood.”

The series, which will begin in 2007, will follow the group’s main members, Juicy J and DJ Paul, and their entourage as they make their way from Memphis to Los Angeles.

I guess Bobby Brown and Flavor Flav made black folks acting the fool on tv The Next Big Thing.

Goony-goo-goo, y’all. Goony-goo-goo.

Washington Post.com: Rappers Three 6 Mafia Get Reality Show

3 thoughts on “>Adventures In Coonery Grillville.

  1. >you know…films like robert townsend's "hollywood shuffle", spike lee's "bamboozled" and reggie rock bythewood's "dancing in september" illustrates how "truth is stranger than fiction" is with these cornball, coony-ass, t.v. shows and movies.don't get me wrong. like i've stated before. i was thrilled that 3-6 won the oscar, but it was terrance howard's "interpetation" of the song that won it over. take away the dynamics of the movie and the song would be a run-of-the-mill rap song. hell, the soundtrack itself was mainly classified as "weak" in the streets. nobody cared for the soundtrack and it got "dissed".now, here we go some WHITE t.v. executives or ignorant BLACK (and you know it is…) move to EXPLOIT, what they preceive and "hope" to happen as a "BLACK BEVERLY HILLBILLIES-type, coon version" of these po' boys from the south makin' it big time in hollywood."why y'all white folks wanna paint yoes face black and act like us when we can do it ourselves?"…


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