14 thoughts on “Don’t Say I Never Gave Y’all Nothing.

  1. >yo, lo…what's with this dick on the grill pic?….geez….lolsing this in the vein of that "chicken noodle soup" song.dick-on-the-grill…dick-on-the-grill…dick-on-the-grill, with sum bak'd beens on the side.imagine the conversation at the grill if that was a BLACK DICK roasted up…mrs. lucky:*is that the foot long?black chef:*and then some…(*from the movie "bachelor party")


  2. >Happy Friday to you, too. I'd never seen the Silk video but there's something about a gyrating, sweaty, wrapped in a towel, falsetto-singing, nigga that seems out of place in a "locker room" setting singing getting freaky . . .


  3. >Welcome back to the table Juan. We missed you. But if you read any of the previous posts you'll see that it has been some clowning going on up in here. For crying out loud Lo, can we get the dick off the grill. It pains me just to see it. Kinda like seeing a guy getting kicked in the balls.


  4. >Now why you wanna go and do that, Sheletha? That video made me hungry as hell.Fried chicken is MY.FAVORITE.FOOD. How many times do I have to say that for y'all to understand how deep this is for me? I got the fried chicken gene in the worst way. It's a daily struggle. Actually, it's an hourly one.


  5. >that "fry that chicken" video was hilarious!!!!!….damn, i was gonna eat fish today (fish on friday) but i might have to resort to that bird again!SPEAKING OF FRIED CHICKEN, PEACHES HAVE YOU BEEN TO BOJANGLES YET?!!!


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