>Can’t Wait To See This!!!

>I love stories about good vs evil. Superheroes, villains, comics, fantasy lit, mythology, ancient folklore…all that stuff. I’m an egghead at heart and always will be.

Which is why I’m so excited about the debut of the new show, Heroes, tonight on NBC.

I’m so hoping this turns out to be a series that sticks. Lord knows we could use some heroes today…even if they’re just on tv.

NBC.com: Heroes

15 thoughts on “>Can’t Wait To See This!!!

  1. >what da hell?!!!!what's goin' on between rich & sheletha?…next thing, ya kno'…somebody is flyin' somewhere.yeah, CB, i kno'…..lol ;-P(just kiddin', y'all)


  2. >all jokes aside…i was on my way to the post office, when i looked to my left and saw a MTA transit bus beside me with an ad poster of the new HEROES show stars mugs shown. nary a black face did i see. not even hi-yella i say! but they did have an oriental/asian guy (probably vietnamese) up there, i guess he's the "new nigga" (thanx richard pryor!)go figure…NBC would go back to work a formula that made "seinfeld" and "friends" work. no niggas. no problems. ain't it great to be white? MUTHA FUCKAS!!!!!…meanwhile, WE got "the wire". sum shit i can see, by looking out my living room window, EVERYDAY!!!!


  3. >Matt, Rich yall aint got no sense….lolBut that was funny as hell..Miss Lolita..Mami please, please forgive me for missing your born Day!!! Happy, Happy Burfday to you!!!I hope this year blesses you with tons of happiness and of course new shoes…Much besos!!


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