Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s Back!!!

Funny that Rich in the STL should mention my “little brother” Diondre Jones, aka The ‘Dre Buffet.

Diondre just shared with me some new headshots on Friday, and they are so gorgeous, I insisted he let me put some up today.

Brace yourself, ladies. (And fellas…if this is your thing.)

Nice, huh?

Ol’ boy cleans up quite well.

Who wouldn’t wanna walk the earth with him?

Alright, have at him. You know how y’all do. I expect the comments will soon be on the way!!!

Previously: The Lo Zone: Little Brother Day, Part One: “The ‘Dre Buffet.”

17 thoughts on “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s Back!!!

  1. >This is better than birthday cake! Thanks for being so generous on YOUR birthday Lo. These pictures make me wanna lick the screen.Evany S. in Gary, Indiana


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