Did you date a "HIVgiver"?

US health officials are now recommending HIV testing for those ages 8 to 80, whether you are blind, cripple, or crazy! On the real, they are recommending it if you fall between the ages of 13 to 64.

DANG!!! That’s a huge gap!

They (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) say the expanded testing will allow infected patients to begin treatment early, when it is most effective, and prevent them from spreading HIV to others. At least half of new sexually transmitted HIV infections are spread by people who are unaware they have the AIDS virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We know that to be true, since one of our regular Lo-Zoners revealed that he had contracted HIV.

Read the article at the link below for more information.

DailyNewsTribune.com: HIV testing recommended for all

11 thoughts on “Did you date a "HIVgiver"?

  1. >I used to get tested regularly when I was in the military. It was a requirement. It used to scare me shitless back then, because I was "the man" if you know what I mean. After the first time of having to wait for the results and being relieved about them, I swore that I wouldn't have unprotected sex ever again. The strange thing about that is when I was single and kickin it, the chicks I dated were the ones put off by my condom usage. They would say stuff like "I want to feel you" – I'm not trying to be explicit, just real. However, I wasn't going out like that, considering I had been with some fine chicks in the past that had actually "burned" a brother. I don't know about you, but I was notorius for thinking "she looks clean", back in the day and on a couple occasions regretted following up on that thought. So, my question for you single people out there is what is your take on this? Do you still worry about HIV or do you look at it as "their" disease, meaning if you aren't out and out gay or on the DL, do you take any thought about it in your sexual encounters? Also, for the married people, how do you feel? I've heard statistics that this is becoming a big issue with older couples since the advent of Viagra and similar drugs. The word is that the old heads have found a new sex life and they are messing around more and bringing it home to their spouses of many years. That's got to be a real tough pill to swallow, especially when you think you are safe within the bounds of marriage.Anyway, enough from me, what do you all think?


  2. >I remember Robert Townsend was doing a lot of awareness on the subject back in the late 80's. I think it was a skit in Hollywood Shuffle where he had to take an HIV test and he learned that by having sex, he was exposed to his partners and THEIR partners. To make it vivid, he had all these people in a room including Tiny Lister (DeBo from Friday) as one of his past lovers. Tiny grimaced and said, "I miss you Robert, why don't you call me anymore." I never forgot that skit, it was an eye opener.


  3. >People don't take HIV seriously enough. Anybody could get it, even if you're the straightest person in the world. I have a friend who got it from her husband of twenty-five years. She thought she was safe but he was cheating and brought it home.


  4. >We are way too lackadaisical when it comes to prophylactics. I'm a 43 yr old guy and I am seeing this 50 year old woman. She has been single for years and has remained sexually active since her divorce 12 years ago. When we got involved earlier this year, I was actually shocked that a well educated, upper middle class woman such as herself had such liberal views about condom usage. She was actually taken aback when I suggested we use a condom. However, she relented when I stood my ground and declared that it would be an essential part of our lovelife, if we were to have one.


  5. >Did ya'll read this part of the article??Patients should be advised that testing is now a routine part of medical care, the CDC said. Written consent for HIV testing SHOULD NO LONGER BE REQUIRED, but patients should be given an opportunity to decline the test, the agency said. What if you don't get the opportunity to decline and they just spring it on you later.Do you really want to know?? How would that change your life?


  6. >well, here's my two cents…on a serious note:check out lo's TUES., APRIL 11th blog which featured LaJOYCE BROOKSHIRE & her book FAITH UNDER FIRE: BETRAYED BY A THING CALLED LOVE. once you've read it, you'll understand.i've known three males affected with HIV and eventually died from AIDS. two were gay, the other heterosexual. it's a serious disease but like kiki said, "People don't take HIV seriously enough"…true, true. but on the real…let's ALL be open about it. we're all playing russian roulette with sex, whether your single or married. HONESTY, RESPECT & TRUST are the best "initial" antedotes toward "prevention" of not just HIV, but any STD.on the reality tip:TRUE, condoms don't provide the sensation that flesh-to-flesh provides, BUT, on the real…condoms main purpose, more than anything is to prevent pregnancies.before, y'all starting talkin' shit about me on the computer, let keep it real…most of you guys out there, ladies too…GO DOWN ON YOUR PARTNER. what? no surprise there. so what's a condom purpose against HIV? to say no condom use is bad and but eating it is a "default way" to escape catching HIV/STD is like saying you can get a disease by sticking your finger in a pound of hamburger meat, but if you eat it, it's all good?…puhleeeese!and to have a "healthy" sexlife, ORAL SEX is part of the deal. fellas like chris rock once said, "if you don't go down on your woman, you will lose her like a set of keys"….that fo sho! i mostly wear condoms for the pregnancy aspect of the relationship. the HIV/STD thing is "iffy" at best. it's not like you can just "bone" somebody on monday night and go get tested on tuesday. there's a time period after unprotected intercourse sex or oral sex where the HIV has to incubate to know if you have it or not. the best way to have a solid, monogamous, healthy sexual relationship with ONE person…is to get a HIV/STD test FIRST, wait for the results. if it's all good, GO FOR WHAT YOU KNOW!!!!…and hope they don't cheat on you.and if one does have it…well, looks like there's going to be a long conversation about it or none at all.


  7. >Very good points Lance, especially with regard to oral sex, because a lot of times that goes on even if a condom is used.So maybe as a whole we never made the paradigm shift when it came to HIV. I would agree that most people use them to prevent pregnancy. I'm also guessing since no one likes to talk about HIV that no one is voluntarily getting tested. I guess when it boils down to it, you really don't want to know.


  8. >I guess I'm the one voice of "been there, done that" on the board so I'll just let me feelings and a bit of history be known. I lived in Ethiopia for a couple of years and became an incredible alcoholic. There are three things to do while in Addis Ababa; Go to church, Screw and Drink. I chose the latter two, unfortunately. Coming from the 80's generation, I truly felt that the disease was not affecting 'straight' people. Add upon that misinformation with a ton of booze, a nightly parade of desperately easy women and woalla… I later met a young woman I was crazy about (although a bit religious for my own taste) and we became engaged. I ran out of money and went back to the states. I was to return with certain documentation in 6 months. Luckily for us, to be married in Addis, blood tests are required on both sides of the marital equation. After I recovered from the heart attack I suffered after learning my status, I rushed to call my fiance to make sure I hadn't infected her. I would've killed myself had that been the case. Luckily, she always forced protection and that's probably what saved her. Needless to say, she left me and that was the end of that. Oh, she tried to get used to it for awhile but to be honest, there is no getting used to it for anyone. The thought of the one you love infecting you is always upon their mind. So, I'm glad she's gone and leading a safer, happier life without that worry.But I really cannot understand anyone on this blog saying they would or would not want to know! I was glad to know my condition. If I hadn't I could've very well infected others and would most likely be dead at this point. I've been on meds for three years now and have never felt better. One pill in the morning, two at night keeps the monster from making copies of itself. My viral load has been undetectable for over two years now and my immune cells have gone through the roof. That's all great news. During a very recent checkup, my physician indicated that a new "one pill, once a day" therapy was coming out and he thought I should think about going on it as a way to ease the burden on my liver.Romantically, I tried dating a couple of girls who I informed on the outset. They thought they could do it but when it came down to the nitty gritty it's just too goddammed scary. I don't blame them. However, during my last visit to Ethiopia I met a journalist who also happened to do a great deal of volunteer work at an orphanage for HIV+ children. She's great with the kids and she and I hit it off immediately. After writing a hard piece on the current government in Addis, I told her she might try her hand at sports writing. That way she will be able to keep her head attached to her body. Anyway, things seem to be headed in a good direction. She and I talk every day, etc. Who knows? Perhaps there's hope for an old tore up moron like me after all. Time will tell.For now, I continue writing.p.s. For those of you who engage in unsafe hetero sex, I would advise reading the CDC's newest data for the US. The biggest percentage of infections is now occuring in teenage girls. Something to ponder.


  9. >This is a very difficult subject for me..I too caught a sexually transmitted disease that almost took my life..Mine was HPV only when I found out I had it, it was then called Cervical Cancer. HPV doesn't affect men they only carry it and the women that are prone to catch it, is any women who has had more then three sexual partners and smokes cigarettes.I was real bitter when I found out because I thought that since I wasn't as promiscious as my friends that I didn't deserve it. Truth is, no matter who you are with you have to be careful. I was in a monogamous relationship, only he wasn't.I'm six years Cancer free and I am always trying to spread the word about this disease. Always, always get tested and never think you are too good for something like this to happento you. Protect yourselves ladies..


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