>Breaking: T.O. Tries To Commit Suicide.


Flamboyant Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens tried to kill himself by overdosing on pain medication, a police report said, even putting two more pills into his mouth after a friend intervened.

For more details on this developing story, CLICK HERE.

Terrell Owens Official Website

9 thoughts on “>Breaking: T.O. Tries To Commit Suicide.

  1. >I'ON KNOW ABOUT THIS MAN. Dude is slut for publicity. I don't know if this is real or not. I MAY feel bad if it ends up being true. But really Im skeptical. (lips are TOONT UP!)T.O can ball, is extra sexy, millllionnnnnss…what he got to be depressed about? Call me insensative…Ill be that, cause I really haven't been where he has been. But Im still skeptical.


  2. >Word is, money only magnifies who you really are. So if you didn't know him before, he's giving you a good look at who he really is.Since he's been hurt, he can't fully engage in his narcisstic behavior. I guess it's killing him to live this way (no pun intended). Such a shame, I was really pulling for him to have a turn around year.


  3. >If being hurt were license to off one's self, I would been dead long ago and many times over. If I had the chance to advise T.O., I would say, "Cowboy The Fu*k Up!"


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