>One More Day.


Hola mami’s and papi’s!!!

Yeah, I know. I groaned too when she made me get up and drag myself out here into cyberspace. She says she needs just one more morning and, while there might be a post or two from Rich in the STL, she might also show up by this afternoon (yeah, right. I personally think that fried chicken pixie’s been a-whisperin’ in her ear, making a lazy negro out of her…but that’s just me.)

In the meantime, she suggested I share this song with y’all. She thinks it’s cute and really clever. Personally, it makes me wanna line dance, and I don’t line dance. EVER. But that’s just me. She insists that good music is good music and says sometimes country music is some of the realest, “of the people” (what the hell??) stuff there is. Whatevs. Hope you enjoy (NOT)!!!

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

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