The No-Dre Buffet.

Since the fella’s are hating on “The ‘Dre Buffet,” I thought I’d send some love their way.

It seems “naked sushi” (or Nyataimori, as it is formally called in Japan) is becoming a new fad. There is even a company looking to bring a franchise to a location near you.

Eat up fella’s (or ladies, if that’s your thing). No protection needed*

(*In no way am I belittling the seriousness of our previous post on HIV.)

15 thoughts on “The No-Dre Buffet.

  1. >I hope it doesn't SMELL like raw fish while you are EATING it off her body, wif yo fangers. It's a double entendre so you decide how you want to take it.Hey, where's Lee Lee (Sheletha); my new name for her, unless she minds. She's been missing in action.


  2. >"the smell of fish is perfume on a young man's fangers"- ludacris, the voice of "weathers" from the animation "lil pimp".y'all gotta see this cartoon. funny as hell!!!! the new cult classic!


  3. >lance & sheletha – i have lil pimp and neva watched it – i bought it for a date/comedy/? movie and lets just say – its beena long time and i never watched it (it is a comedy right!)


  4. >Yeah its a comedy…but its weird…not obvious humor just silly. You gotta have a jacked up sense of humor (like Lance & Myself) to enjoy it. I wasnt even drinking when I first saw it…Im just a big ole goofball.


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