>I Know Trans Fats Are Bad…

>…but you better be reeeeeaaaaal careful when you start messing with the way folks’ fried chicken tastes.

At Sylvia’s restaurant, a temple of Southern cooking in Harlem, the fried chicken tastes the same. At the Carnegie Delicatessen and Restaurant in Midtown, which beckons to tourists and New Yorkers alike, nobody has complained about the potato pancakes. At Junior’s, an institution in Brooklyn with two Manhattan branches, the cheesecake is still as popular as ever.

All three places have done what the city’s Board of Health has proposed that all of New York’s 20,000 restaurants eventually do: get rid of all but a minute amount of artificial trans fats in their cooking in the interest of better health. If the plan is enacted, New York would become the first large American city to severely limit trans fats in restaurants.

But while more and more restaurants are already moving to rid their kitchens of trans fats, which are squarely tied to the increased risk of heart disease, New Yorkers’ reaction to the city’s proposal, approved unanimously on Tuesday by the health board, typically went something like, “Right, but on the other hand …”

On the other hand, if I go to the Shark Bar or Amy Ruth’s, or one of those fried fish joints on 125th street the next time I hit NYC and stuff don’t taste the same, I’m gonna be reaaaaaal mad. I’ve lived with trans fats this long. I mean, come on. Next thing you know, they’re gonna be telling us fried chicken should be banned.

It’ll be on if that happens. I will officially become an enemy of the state.

New York Times: Big Brother in the Kitchen? New Yorkers Balk

3 thoughts on “>I Know Trans Fats Are Bad…

  1. >seems like to me it would be the feds going after the food manufacturers more aggressively than the restaurants. they are the ones providing the ingredients for use to cook with. if the gub'ment sez, "trans fatty oil is illegal, make this non-trans fat oil instead" then everybody across the board would be affected, cause they'll have to use it.if the nyc board of health was REALLY interested in my diet, seem like they would inspect THROUGHLY some of these "hole-in-the-wall" food joints all over the city.


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