>Friday Flashback, Part 2.

>Boy, I suggested Friday Flashback, and some people* lost their minds. The suggestions have been pouring in.

This cat was The Man back in the day, and while this song came out at what I consider the beginning of his end (circa 1991; the first molestation allegations came out shortly after), from the album, Dangerous

…it is one of his best. Herewith, the video for “Remember The Time.” Enjoy!!!

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

*Alright, insistent one. Enough.

7 thoughts on “>Friday Flashback, Part 2.

  1. >lmao!!!!….wow. michael jackson. i remember the first time i visted LA, (1992) and i went to venice beach. there was a guy there, dressed like michael in his "vintage" thriller costume, dancing up a storm and YES, people were paying to see it!fuckin' californians!


  2. >This video was the BOMB!! I remember they unveiled this during the halftime for the Super Bowl. He even did the dance we affectionately called "The Atlanta Dance", which is where I lived at the time. Man, that song was the jam!


  3. >Can we have a moment of silence for the former Black man/boy named Michael Jackson. The video reminded me of the genius as opposed to the speticale that he's become.Thanks for the memory, Lo.


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