>2 Live!!!

>About two months ago to the day, a very, very, very dear longtime friend, Harry Dog (he’s a Que, natch), hipped me to a sports radio show called the 2 Live Stews, run by two brothers named Doug and Ryan Stewart.

Both Doug and Ryan are Ques (members of the black greek fraternity Omega Psi Phi)…

…hence there’s a lot of barking on their show, which is referred to as “The Doghouse.” Male listeners are called “doggs” and females are referred to as “poodles.”

Everyone who calls in has to end their call with, “I’m gone“, and on Thursdays, when the Stews take trivia calls, if someone gets an answer wrong, they play the classic Florida Evans soundbite (from the 70’s tv show Good Times)—Damn, damn, damn!!!”

In the five years since they first started their highly popular show, they’ve been named the #1 Sports Radio Show in America by Sports Illustrated, Air Talent Of The Year by ESPN Radio, and, of a year ago in October 2005, have been picked up for national syndication by Radio One.

Visit their website to see if they’re on a station in your area, or, even better, CLICK HERE to listen to their radio show on the internet.

(Once you get to the site, you have to click “Get a password” and register to listen, but it’s free and well worth the minimal effort as their show is incredibly good fun.)

I love these guys. They’re putting the fun(k) in sports radio.

Talknet: 2 Live Stews
2 Live Stews on MySpace

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