Eyes On The Prize.

My youngest dog, Toshi, an Akita Inu

…just recently finished being in heat for the very first time (and very last, I might add). It lasted about 28 days. Practically a whole month.

During that time, my only boy dog, Milo, a Shiba Inu

…lost his rabbit-ass mind.

He spent all 28 of those days with his face never any more than six inches away from Toshi’s swollen peeper.

He stared at it.

He fell asleep while staring at it.

It was the golden goose, the end of the rainbow, the be-all and end-all of his tunnel-visioned existence.

It was hell.

I learned two things during this nightmare of a month: 1) I never want to experience it again, and 2) My sweet, sweet, sweet boy of a dog…

…is a rapist.

Oh, the shame of it all.

15 thoughts on “Eyes On The Prize.

  1. >LOL. No, Lance, I did not have him snipped. I decided when he was a puppy (he's eight now) that I would allow him to keep his…stuff. Toshi, however, will be "handled." My other two girls, Brooklyn and Lola were snipped as pups when Lola went into heat at six months and turned into a total whore (Brook and Lo are seven now, so it had been years since I had to deal with the heat thing; Toshi's just 18 months old). Besides, Milo is the lone boy in a house full of estrogen. The least I could do is let him keep his balls. A house just ain't right without a set of balls in it.


  2. >#1)The dogs are absolutely gorgeous#2)Don't worry about Milo–he's not a rapist. I do know how you feel, though. I recently found out my 8 year old son is a pimp.#3)Boys will be boys#4)It's all good–keep smiling!


  3. >Well, it's not like she's not "presenting" it for him! Hell, all she needs is to spray some whip cream around it and put a cherry on top for him. Poor baby…so close…and yet…


  4. >With all them Bytches (female canines) in the room, he was bound to get some booty sooner or later. Let your nut's swing dog! Thank your momma for not cutting them off. A dog ain't a dog if he can't get his swing on from time to time.


  5. >"A house just ain't right without a set of balls in it." shit this is too long to put on my licence plates!I hated when i had doggies and they acted that way – i had to realize that they are ANIMALS!


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