>Your Tax Dollars (Literally) Hard At Work.

>See, this is why the current Republican administration is running this country into the ground.

Family values” obviously means something entirely different to them than it does to most. Check out these explicit IM exchanges between Florida Rep. Mark Foley and underage pages working for him that ultimately led to his abrupt resignation.

Can you believe this guy actually pushed (and helped pass) a stricter bill for child sex offenders? Amazing. Hopefully, the laws he helped enact will be put to good use against him, once he comes out of hiding in the ever-reliable rehab-as-refuge stint.

CLICK HERE to read one of these ridiculous IMs.

CLICK HERE to read even more.

ABCNews.com: The Blotter: Exclusive: The Sexually Explicit Internet Messages That Led to Fla. Rep. Foley’s Resignation

4 thoughts on “>Your Tax Dollars (Literally) Hard At Work.

  1. >This is very unsettling. Lo, as you know, I have a 16 year old son. I am not sure there would be a need for an investigation if I found out some old as mofo was chatting up my son via IM asking him how big or how hard his dick was. I'd fuckin flip and go postal or stone cold ghetto on his ass. What adults do is one thing but when you try to influence a minor that's another. In the second post it was the CHILD who said ,slow down I am not 18 yet. Clearly this CHILD understood what this freak's intentions were and while he was smart enough to say I can't do this yet, he was still impressionable enough to be drunk by the power of this politician.I heard today that he checked into rehab. His ass need to check into the same hotel that Bin Laden is staying in because he deserves a good old fashion ass whooping.


  2. >That's right Juan, kick his mother f—–g ass! I wish I would catch an old ass mofo coming on to one of my kid's. He'd be in rehab alright, learning how to walk and talk again. (oasrwgoy) Old Ass Sr. With Gov't On boY's


  3. >This is pathetic. I can't wrap my mind around why anyone would want to do anything harmful to a child. However, I hope that he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I stil believe all thos perverted priest should be in prison…but I guess that is just me.


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