>Let’s Go Retro!!!

>Figured since I was dredging up old music, I’d dig deep into the 80’s crate and pull out someone who had a bunch of us shaking our (fairly small) asses to his grooves back in the day.

This multi-talented cat (who wrote, produced, played all the instruments, and sang) had a string of popular synth-heavy dances tunes and soulful ballads—nine hits—during his moment in the sun. You can find the tunes I’m going to include today and more on the cd, The Best of O’Bryan.

(Check out that sexy hamburger meat on his chest.)

What better way spend a Tuesday than to listen to some of the hyper madness that defined his music and get your booty moving in your seat at work, or wherever you’re reading this from. The first tune is called “I’m Freaky.” It actually makes you feel kinda freaky when you listen to it. Or not. Maybe it’s just me. (Click the link below to listen.)

Here’s a snippet of him performing lip-synching it on Soul Train. (For those who didn’t know, O’Bryan also sang the theme song, “Soul Train’s A-Comin’,” that you hear at the beginning of this clip. The show used that song along with that cartoon train for years.)

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

I really, really loved this next song, called “Lovelite.” Aaah…the good old days. (Click the link below to listen.)

Here’s the video that goes with it. Be careful. There’s nudity (borderline porn) in this. O’Bryan was a bold one in his time.

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

And just because it’s expected, I’m throwing in this. Go on. I know some of you know how to do the dance that goes with this. (Click the link below to listen.)

Get your 80’s on, y’all!!!

Amazon.com: The Best of O’Bryan
O’Bryan Page at Soul Walking.com

10 thoughts on “>Let’s Go Retro!!!

  1. >Not the hamburger meat. I guess I'm hating since I don't have any. Believe it or not I was rockin' this last week, but you missed the coldest groove on the CD (which I have, by the way) — "You and I" –now, THAT, was the cut.Sing it with me everybody:Here we are— On earth together, just you and I, God has made us fall in love it's true. I've really found someone like you.umph umph umph, the good old days. I know somebody comes to mind when you hear these old songs (at least that's what music does to me). That one brings to my mind Sharonda Baldwin (one of my high school friends' sister – of course I couldn't/didn't date her, she was my boys sister for crying out loud, but I sure wanted too!)Good pick Lo, Good pick.


  2. >Actually, that was originally a Stevie Wonder cut on "Talking Book" – 1972 (Superstition was on that album too)! O'Brian covered "You and I" in about 84 or 85, and I like his version better.


  3. >OH MY GOODNESS…I know I'm a little younger than you guys, but I love, love, love O'Bryan, I have just ordered that best of from Best Buy. My all time favorite is "You and I", I fell in love with that song when Michael sang it at Keith and Thelma's wedding on "Good Times", I know it's a Stevie joint, but something about how O'Bryan sang it. Damn is all I can say. That is sho nuff gonna be my wedding song. Now I just need the man, lol


  4. >hey tanisha when you find a good one see if he has a good freind or brother for me… i am willing to relocate – lol and i knew the stevie joint of couse it was the remake that threw me!


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