You Know You Miss It.

Me sharing music from my vast arsenal, that is. The Lo Zone just doesn’t seem right without me shoving some of my favorite artists and their music at you.

Today I thought I’d hip you guys to a jazz fusion group that I was really into years ago whose music still holds up very well today. They were, technically, the first contemporary jazz group (and, I believe, the first group period) to appear on cd. Add to that the fact that they had one of the coolest names for a group ever:

While they have several albums that I really enjoyed—like Big Notes

…and Neon

…my favorite was their debut cd, a refreshingly clever and eclectic joint called Tricycle that came out in 1982 (yes, I know…a long time ago).

This particular song I’m about to share is called “Eden.” The title is rather appropriate because it puts you in a nice kind of chill mood, as if you were just kicking back in an Eden of your very own. (Click the link below to listen.)

This one’s called “The 8:29.” I like it because it’s kind of fun. It starts out one way, then suddenly turns a tad funky. (Click the link below to listen.)


AllMusic: Flim & the BB’s Flim & the BB’s: Tricycle

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