>Finally, A Way For Me To Really Enjoy My Music.


Allow me to introduce this nifty little creation.

It’s called the OhMiBod, and it just might be what the doctor ordered.

OhMiBod is a sleek, sophisticated new generation of vibrator that combines elegance of design with the excitement of your favorite music. The audio enabled integrated microchip allows the OhMiBod to vibrate to the beat and rhythm of your music while you listen. Measures 5 1/2″ long (insertable) and 1 1/8″ in diameter. OhMiBod comes with an additional multi-speed endcap for use without an iPod or music player. It really is 2 products in one! Our motor provides strong yet quiet, intense rhythmic vibrations. With polished chrome detail and pearl white body this product is the ultimate iPod acsexsory!

Okay? How nasty cool is that? I mean, who comes up with this stuff?

I think this is absolutely ridiculous. Well, maybe not absolutely. Okay, it might not be ridiculous at all, per se. Truth be told, it’s actually kinda clever. I might not kick it out of bed if someone threw it at me. I might pick it up and study it, in a clinical, for the sake of gaining knowledge kind of way. I am a writer, after all. Research is a part of the job. What????

I’m just sayin’.*

*Just kidding, y’all. I mean, do I look like I’d use a vibrator? Please.
(running out the room)

The OhMiBod Music Powered Vibrator

25 thoughts on “>Finally, A Way For Me To Really Enjoy My Music.

  1. >I'd love to be the salesman at the ipod accessory stand when the women come to get this one. My question is, can women really get enjoyment out of 5 inches long and under 2 inches thick, or is it all about shaking up "the man in the boat". Most sister's I've talked to in the past want size in a mate, so is this a breakthrough or a let down? Do women really need a man that's "blessed" to be satisfied or can a man of lessor means, get the job done? Or is it all about romance and size doesn't matter at all. Enquiring minds want to know.Ladies, here is your opportunity to tell men what you really want. No magazine poll needed, let's get it straight from your fingers – no touching required, just get to typing and let the words flow, I mean, take to the page. Of course, ya'll can talk about anything you like, I just figured I'd get the ball rolling.


  2. >When it comes to a man…Size matters. Its gotta have some weight on it..So dont believe the hype about motions and oceans. Toys are just toys…it only needs to fit in the drawer when Im finished. A man cant fit in the drawer.Both have the same results, one is just without the drama. *Im glad I have some influence in this cyberworld with the quickly getting out of the room after a brazen comment.


  3. >"Its gotta have some weight on it"That's classic. What about the rest of you ladies, you agree or disagree? Wake up Lo, I know you are on the West Coast and all, but you can't miss getting in on this one. Besides, you started it.


  4. >So far the survey say's:Size Matters. If that's the case, what's up with the less blessed men? Do you ladies have any in your lives? How's that working for you? Or is this really what women mean when they say it's a male SHORTage, or it's hard to find a GOOD man (one with "weight" of course). Does a GOOD man have to be a man of great "stature"?


  5. >Do you ladies have any in your lives? No.How's that working for you? I'll be alright.Or is this really what women mean when they say it's a male SHORTage, or it's hard to find a GOOD man (one with "weight" of course).Size matters but that doesn't mean that the man immediatly gets dismissed, if he doesn't meat, i mean "meet" a full potential. There is too much technology that is out there that can help stimulate the excitement in the bedroom. This thing that looks like a tampon is just one of those things. I'm way too old to have the expectations that I used to in choosing my mate. A big dick was really close to the top of the list when I thought thuggs were extreamly attractive. Now, although I still like a thugg..he gotta still love & respect his mommah, and my mind has changed to the point of where a big dick is just a bonus.


  6. >Size matters. If I found out that my mate was packing a pee-wee and he wanted something serious, I would have to decline. Call me shallow, call me whatever, but that would be a man I would cheat on. I hate to say it, but if he had all the other good stuff going on and then he was lacking… The package just wouldn't be complete. Just wouldn't be complete.


  7. >Has anyone read The G-Spot by Noire???This topic was discussed in great detail in that piece of fiction.I hate urban fiction but I really like Noire's writing.ZZZZiiiipppp…Running out of the room to read Child of God (again)


  8. >I just finished Child of God for the first time last week. It's a great (fabulous, fantastic) read for anyone who hasn't checked it out yet.Nope, haven't read G-Spot. The title alone would make me keep moving until I found something that seemed to draw me in on an intellectual level.


  9. >I like this blog because people can speak truth to power. I don't think men have a "hard" time accepting that size really does matter. But on the other hand, if a girl doesn't turn us on for some reason, you'd better be on the next bus outta' town. Example: I remember this very well because it turned into an incident I won't soon forget. A friend of mine and I (way back in my younger days) met this larger than life lady (she was somewhat hefty). She had the hots for me and we all used to hang out together. One night she got me alone and made a move on me and I, respectfully, turned her down. She was incredibly insulted and asked me why and was upset and angry and pushed me for an answer. I finally told her, "I'm not into big women, I'm sorry! If I end up with a girl it's because she turns me on. I can't make do with just a wet, warm hole!" She called me a faggot, she chased me out of her place, and got very worked up, screaming and yelling all the way.That's when I learned that even though a good answer pops into your brain, it's not always wise to let it leave that space.I've always been attracted to thinner, darker girls with certain looks (see Ethiopian girls) but some women seem offended that men have certain visual criteria that turn them on.


  10. >As an official -ahem – sex toy reviewer for a website I will not disclose at this time, I just emailed my editor in hopes of a review copy. Thanks for the hot lead…


  11. >I usually stay in the cut…laugh, snicker, roll my eyes, suck my teeth and I've even gotten up and danced when checking out The Lo Zone. I say very little, but this time I have to speak up.Men…don't let them lie to you!SIZE DOES MATTER! All that bullshyt about the motion in the ocean…is a bunch of malarky!Size matters…it does..it really does! Well, I'll speak for myself.That's not to say I'd dump a dude if he was lacking in the thing with some "weight on it" area…but we'd have our work cut out for us. He'd better be ready, willing and able to make up for the lack in other ways!That's my 2 cents, Rich!


  12. >Fella's the ladies have spoken. If you aren't in the BD Club, you better work on your cunnilingus skills, because it sounds like you have your work cut out. The ladies don't intend to put up with coming out on the SHORT end. So stop thinking you are the man just because you can get the booty. The question is, can you keep her satisfied.I'm glad to say, my little momma cita stays happy!


  13. >wow! one helluva post today y'all. i'm just now getting to the computer and it's 6:15pm on the east side of town.man, rich you sure open the flood gates today on "the big dick theory". i guess for you ladies, "to each its own".what happen'd to the "idickpod" story?…loloh, well…hey sheletha, here i is baby!!!! the lanceman has arrived.i guess you pointed me out because of rich's comments "you better work on your cunnilingus skills" that relates to a comment i posted last week, i guess (still sleepy, just woke up) but anyway. take more than a big dick to keep YOU ladies happy. trust me. me, i'm just an average size (whatever that is). but i can hold my own with strength and stamina. (rule of thumb: 3 or more:1 ratio. her orgasms to mine) (rule of thumb2: if you can hit it more than 3x, you're doing something right! how matter how BIG your dick is) i've chatted with ladies on the topic before (some i've slept with and some i haven't) and it's about 50/50 (some would "prefer" a big dick) but if their guy is treating them like shit after the "nut has busted, crusted" (ref. S.L.M.F)…what's that? y'all still want it? "she's gotta have it?" i'on kno' silly rabbit, trix are for kids.when i was going thru my divorce back in '95, living in north carolina, that was a central question that was burning my mind, "was i good sexually?"…"was my dick big enough?"…"did i lose her to a BiGgEr dick?"…oh, my!!!!but some women try to make it feel that it's ALL ON US. hell, i know some women that just wanna lay there and let me dominate over them, with no thoughts, passions or creativity in lovemaking. women gotta bring "something" to the table sexually (positions, fantasies, fetishes, etc) that wanna make a man don't even LOOK at another woman. i'm talkin' about the kind of thoughts that'll make him overpour coffee in his cup, just thinking about the pussy you just "broke" him off with earlier that morning!when you can "equally" bring it like that? sheeeeet, no problem. just smiles…. ;-)got mo' to say, but i gotta go to work…talk to y'all tomorrow mornin'.hey, sheletha…"who's yer daddy?"…lol… ;-P~~holla back!


  14. >I feel a trip coming on. The lucky participants will be meeting somewhere between Kalamazoo and NYC. — Traveling to get some lovin', boy do I remember those days! Ya'll go ahead on, I ain't mad at you, finding love on the Lo Zone. Seriously, I love the points my brothers Matt and Lance brought to the table, I just wish Juan would have come on through and layed it down since he is the elder cat in the group. I guess us brothers with weight are in the minority. Even lower in number are brothers like Lance and myself, who actually give a damn about satisfying their partners, at least that's what the ladies I know complain about. I can't take full credit for my skills since I got schooled by a female while I was a student at UF, back in the late 80's. I loved messing with the older females, getting them was a major ego boost. One day I was doing my thang and afterward we were having pillow talk and I thought I was going to get some kudo's until she said, "you are really a selfish lover". I was dumbfounded, I was thinking "Get the fug out of here, I'm the man!" But, I guess I really wasn't. That moment of truth changed my whole game, it made me care about her experience, and up until then I really thought I was considerate of what she was getting. I was giving her what i wanted to give her, not what she wanted. I shared that, because a lot of times women lie to their men to make them feel good, because they care about them. Ladies, if you have a real man, be honest with him, he might not like what you say, but he should be man enough to take it and do something about it. As for the "ohmibod" will the black one be bigger! For the ladies sake, I sure hope so. If we are going to perpetuate stereotypes in America, let's keep that one going. Until next time, keep rocking to the beats. By the way, Matt was on to something. Some of you women need a vaginoplasty, your stuff is too out of shape for even us big fella's, it's time to "tighten" up your game. Peace — I'll holla


  15. >Will Black Men be offended if the Black one is bigger (and ohhh thicker!!!!)???? – shelethai'on kno' peaches, if it can make her hit that "note"….sheeeet, won't be hard to do that…all she gotta do is stay in tune to the music……..but it depends on what she's listening too. kinda hard to see a woman bustin' a nut on a "john denver" song, probing that inner "tunnel of love"……..but if she was to put on tupac's "how do you want it?" it would be a good I-D for her to go to costco FIRST to buy a super-duper bottle of washing detergent and/or some mo' bed linen. they will get wet!…soakin' wet!!!!


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