>Stomp In The Name Of Loot.


A former employee of R. Kelly said in a lawsuit filed Wednesday that the singer beat him during a dispute at Kelly’s home in February and cheated him out of songwriting royalties.

Henry “Love” Vaughn said in the lawsuit that he had been a longtime “mentor and guide” to Kelly.

Yet when Vaughn visited Kelly’s home in Olympia Fields on Feb. 19, Kelly and others dragged him to the basement and “Kelly repeatedly struck [Vaughn] about the face and body with his fists,” according to the lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court.

Vaughn said Kelly also reneged on an oral agreement to pay him one-half of the money he earned from a song that was ultimately titled “Step in the Name of Love.”

Vaughn provided Kelly with the “concept” for the song by suggesting that they create a song for the dance known as “Steppin,'” the lawsuit said.

So the next time you hit the floor to bust some moves to “Step In The Name Of Love,” remember, somebody took some fists to the face and a foot up the ass so you could get your boogie on.

Doesn’t the thought of that make you wanna dance?

Chicago Tribune.com: Ex-employee claims R. Kelly beat him, stole song

5 thoughts on “>Stomp In The Name Of Loot.

  1. >1988Hey Lo, I was reading some Shakespeare the other day and wouldn't it be cool to kinda twist one of those stories into something more modern without all the goofy language so people could really dig it, maybe like the story Hamlet.2001"Child of God" – hits the shelves, it's a hit!2006Where's my freakin loot for giving you that idea! I deserve half!Lo says – You must be out your rabbit-ass mind! You didn't come up with one paragraph.The moral – ideas are a dime a dozen, if you don't have the talent to produce and you don't have a written contract, you get's nothing. Better yet, you might get a swift kick in the butt for coming to my house threatening to jack me for my loot.


  2. >What's with R.Kelly anyway? There's always so much drama surrounding him. He's either beating up the wrong person, f___ing the wrong girl, or just being a general idiot.


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