6 thoughts on “>Putting The "Ick" In Dick.

  1. >I'm with Rich on this one. The last thing I ever saw on TV was Everybody Loves Raymond. And I only watched that because I kept thinking, "this has to be the season where he kills his wife…"


  2. >There's a new show on ABC called "Six Degrees." It comes on right after "Grey's Anatomy" on Thursday nights. This guy has got to be the slickest cheater I've ever seen. He's cheating on his fiancee' so badly, it's not even funny. She suspects something's not right, but just when she's almost about to catch him in the act, he pulls some over the top stunt that pulls out all the stops, like proposing to her when she saw his picture on a dating website (that's what made him suddenly propose); throwing her a grand party when she's on the verge of calling him on the carpet. All kinds of stuff. He's a wicked, wicked scoundrel with a British accent, and he's oilier than the Bush family bedsheets.You want to see him get caught so badly, but it's damn entertaining to watch how he's going to weasel his way out of yet another lie.It's a great show with several concurrent storylines. The one with the brother who has a limo service is really good as well.


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