>Go Get ‘Em, Jay!!!

>See, y’all don’t even understand how much I love this cat. One of the main reasons is because when Jigga comes, he comes HARD, and you gotta respect that.

I was so anxious, I almost did a late afternoon post on Friday, but I figured I’d just hold out until today to share this with you. On Friday, I messed around and peeped the first single from Hov’s upcoming cd. The song is called…

…and, in my opinion, it BANGS!!! I’ve been rocking this all weekend. Done by mega-producer Just Blaze

…what I like about it the most is Jay’s rap feels like it’s got some Dirty stank on it (maybe Bey’s Houston flavor is rubbing off).

So here it is. But first…

Check out Jigga’s new commercial for the NBA….

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

…then click the link below to listen to his new song, “Show Me What You Got“, from his upcoming return to the game he never really left, Kingdom Come, which drops some time in late November.

I luh this swole-lipped mofo.

I swear, I do.

(Click the link below to listen to the song.)

5 thoughts on “>Go Get ‘Em, Jay!!!

  1. >I am sooo diggin that track! Girl, when you "mess around" and come up with stuff, you don't play!! Good lookin' out!Oh Yeah…he's back! I didn't think he'd be gone for long!


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