Why I Know My Baby Is In Good Hands.

Many of you already know that Kanye West


…has optioned the film rights to my novel, Child of God

…(the film is currently being set up at a highly-respected division of a major studio (for now; you never know with Hollywood, though; I’ll disclose further details in the very near future).

Anyway, one of the things that I love about Kanyeezy is he don’t do nothing half-assed. He goes deep, all the way in, and he makes sure his work stands up to a certain level of excellence. So I know he’ll take care of my baby, but just as a reminder of how he’ll do whatever it takes for the projects he’s working on, check out this old clip from the show Punk’d, when he got tricked while shooting the video for “Jesus Walks.” Say what you wanna about him, he fights the good fight. If he’ll show out like this for a video, imagine how he’ll act about his film.

Since I’m showing clips from Punk’d, here’s the one that first put the show on the map for taking no prisoners when it came to cracking celebrities’ faces. This is the one that everybody talked about. The one where they made Justin Timberlake


Mr. SexyBack himself—damn near cry. This shit is classic.

To his credit, and because turnabout is fair play, Justin later made fun of Ashton


…and all his Punk’d antics on an episode of Saturday Night Live. I thought he had Ashton down pat. It was actually pretty funny. (And if I had the video I’d put it up, but, well, Saturday Night Live is pretty stingy about their content on YouTube, so, oh well…)

5 thoughts on “Why I Know My Baby Is In Good Hands.

  1. >Lo, I love Child of God. I can't wait to see the movie.Punk'd is one of the funniest shows on tv. That time they got Missy Elliott almost made me pee on myself. Too bad Saturday Night Live is garbage these days, although your girl Corinne Bailey Rae turned it out this past Saturday. You turned me on to her. Thanks for that!!


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