Happy Birthday, Sheletha!!!

Give it up, y’all. Today’s the born-day of one of our favorite Lo Zone regulars, the very outspoken, mucho hilarious, Queen of Running Out The Room from Kalamazoo…


That’s her below with her group, Circle of Sisters Bookclub of Kalamazoo.

And here to help us celebrate is everyone’s favorite cyber skank…


You know ol’ girl needs music to work her pole, so just click the link below, and let’s all help Sheletha get her birthday on!!!

===>CLICK HERE<===

18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Sheletha!!!

  1. >2 Girly Girl…Nope Im not doing anything special. Im pretty much the new chick in North Carolina so I don't know anybody yet. Ive only been here since the middle of June so the only people that i know are those that I work with…but they are kinda lame…I would chill out with my family but I have a neice that shares my birthday so I really havent had a real birthday in 15 years. We'll prolly do dinner or something…Exciting, I knowIm twerkin to IN DA CLUB by myself


  2. >What's up Girl! I didn't know it was your birthday. Big love to you on your day. Make sure you do it right, do it safe, but whatever you do, make it do what it do baby!Happy Birthday Lee Lee


  3. >Me Too!!! Oh my gosh…Ive been connected with every male on this blog in one way or another…Tee-Hee!! Will the real HO-Zone please stand up. I ran out the room…it ain't me.Thanks everybody for the well wishes!!!This cyber world is pretty doggon thoughtful!!!


  4. >Happy B-Day Sheletha! Here's to many more…Now I have a reason to go drinking tonight! Cool!Have a good one! Don't get too fudged up.Shoulda' invited you guys over the other night. For the first time in a long time I had a girl over and made her fried chicken w/Louisiana hot sauce in the batter. Now she sees why I'm so fat. Reminded me of home.


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