>When Man’s Interference Goes Too Far.


Now they want to give elephants vasectomies.


Vasectomies!!! Can you believe it?

I mean, if God meant for elephants to be snipped, don’t you think He would have made access to their balzacs easier than this?

The two biggest challenges: elephants are the size of semi-trucks, and their testicles — the size of a “respectable cantaloupe,” Stetter said — are behind 2 inches of skin, a foot of muscle and 4 inches of fat.

“What we want to do is get to the middle of something that’s in that semi-truck, and we want to do it without emptying out everything that’s in the truck,” Stetter explains.

Using the tools doctors use for arthroscopic knee surgeries on humans — a laparoscope and a video monitor — Stetter can perform what he says is a two-hour procedure to sterilize male elephants without disrupting their important testosterone production.

The elephant must first be shot from a helicopter with an anesthesia dart, guided to an open area, and propped up by a crane truck so that he can stand while sleeping.

I believe some creatures should be left alone. Let the poor elephants keep their friggin’ balls. First they get terrorized for their ivory, and now they’re trying to de-ball them. Elephants weren’t meant to be eunuchs. I guess man won’t be satisfied until they all look like this.

Chicago Tribune: Doctor Touts Vasectomies for Elephants

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