>A Fight!!! A Fight!!! A Ni…Aw, You Know The Rest.

>Boy, I would have paid good money to see this. All that hard, masculine flesh (dark meat!!! white meat!!!) going at it on the set of Grey’s Anatomy.


An argument between Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey got physical and led to a temporary pause in production, the New York Daily News reported in its Wednesday editions.

The actors shared a heated exchange Monday about cast members delaying a scene when Washington, 43, grabbed Dempsey, 40, by the throat and shoved him, according to the newspaper.

Representatives for the actors said the two have made amends.

Wow!!! How incredibly sexy!!! I love a black man with his hand around a white man’s throat.*

Oops. Did I say that out loud?

*Just kidding. I love any man with his hand around a white man’s throat.

**Okay, let me stop. I think white men’s throats are beautiful. Especially when they’re covered with fingerprints.

AP: Actors see red on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ set

4 thoughts on “>A Fight!!! A Fight!!! A Ni…Aw, You Know The Rest.

  1. >… then you would love bowling. The potential of 1 BIG BLACK BALL mowing down 10 RED NECK PINS, leaving some lying lifeless while others spiral helplessly out of control only to be swept away into the darkness of the abyss. What's even more fun is that you have the chance to give 3 strikes and call them turkeys!!!


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