>Doo-Wah Diddy!!!

>There’s been no escaping hearing about Diddy’s new cd, the much-hyped Press Play, which officially drops this coming Monday.

And while Puff’s not exactly known for his ability to spit (my favorite song of his ever is this, and he’s not even the lead), homie’s a hustler and he knows what it takes to put together a hit: kick-ass beats, stellar production, and the hottest guest talent, all of which he’s got plenty of on this cd.

Check out this song featuring the illmatic one, Nas


…and the outrageous and talented Cee-Lo on vocals.


The song is called “Everything I Love.” (Click link below to listen.)

Here’s one more song, and this mutha bangs. It features Big Boi (from Outkast)…




…and Scar.


It’s called “Wanna Move,” and you will when you hear it, fa sho’. Bang on!! (Click link below to listen.)

Amazon.com: Diddy: Press Play

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