>Friday Flashback.

>Today’s throwback is a classic from, in my opinion, one of the greatest reggae bands of all time…


The video I’ve chosen is from their 1978 breakthrough album, Journey To Addis.


The song, “Now That We’ve Found Love,” written by the legendary Philly hitmaking producing team Gamble & Huff, was originally performed by The O’Jays, but from the moment I first heard this version a kabillion years ago, that was it for me. This tune speaks to your very soul. Enjoy!!!

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

Amazon: Third World: Journey To Addis
Third World – Official Website

One thought on “>Friday Flashback.

  1. >Note the title on the album cover: Journey To Addis. I'll be journeying back to Addis in February. Can't wait. Time to kick back and not think for awhile.


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